Some call her the Solution Maven, but it’s just that Joline adores connecting people to both products and/or professionals to solve the issue at hand or even encourage collaboration. See her below for suggestions ranging from books & products she uses to local businesses she would encourage you to visit. With her business partner, Cassie Brkich, their event planning business, Underground Events, was chosen as the 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year for the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce.

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Shopping Solutions

I’ve got favorites, yes I do. I’ve got favorites, how about you? Check out my favorite products in several categories. I’ll continue to update it as I discover MORE of my favorite things.

“Made in China!” {GASP!} When I first realized how much of my kitchenware was mass-produced in China, I felt a bit deflated. Until I discovered I could purchase hand-made pottery, made locally at our very own Stray Cat Studio. I settled into purchasing “seconds” in my overhaul. These pieces will be the supporting players in my blog posts that feature recipes. Stay tuned!

Financial Solutions

Have change? Invest it. Or, better yet, let Acorns do it for you. What a simple, easy and forgettable way to build a savings account without thinking about it. I’m a fan!

If you shop online and aren’t using this service, I’m about to change your life! 3% here. 9% there. Shop at your favorite places and receive cash-back, banked for you over time, and voila! Not only did you purchase an item you needed, but earned more for your bank account in the process.

Small Business Solutions

“I have to post on social media every day!?”  Ready to save time, prevent panic posting and increase your reach through engaging content? Small Business Content Club is the solution.

Feeling frenzied, disorganized, unfocused, and inconsistent with your marketing strategy? Our one-on-one marketing sessions will help you identify what you should be doing and when you should be doing it. When it comes to marketing your small business, we help you save time while investing in the most important priority for a successful business: connecting with your customers!

Grow your Instagram → grow your business. One of the BEST resources I’ve found to grow your Instagram followers and engagement. A tremendous value for the amount of content and direction by Instagram experts & mother/son team, Chalene & Brock Johnson.

This is my website rockstar! You need a rockstar in your corner committed to supporting you with all of your website needs. We are a full-service website company that can take care of everything for you including domain name registration, hosting, WordPress website maintenance, security, backups, and more.

Clutter making you feel out of control?  You need Dorothy Clear. Dorothy Clear (the beauty, brains, and brawn behind my organized basement) loves to help others organize, no matter how it gets done.