Catch the last shuttle in the Carpool Lane

Sigh. This great thing we had going is over. When I was first approached by Heather to write for Pittsburgh Mom about 5 years ago, I was flattered. Not only was I new to Pittsburgh, but I'd only recently begun  seeking freelance writing gigs, having been solely committed to my personal blog. I leaped at the opportunity. And then I panicked. Writing for this demographic isn't easy. This, I knew. We all feel strongly about how we parent. Moms have very deep-seated beliefs about how to raise their children. So strong are our convictions that when a new idea or [...]

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Great title. Math. Doesn't that just make you want to read further? (Insert a big sigh.) I am so very thankful that we moved my daughter to a smaller school this year. The teachers are downright astounding with her. She loves being at her school, and other than having "8th grade-itis", which I am assured by her Science teacher is a real thing, she's done very well this year. And then there is Math. We are blessed, and I'm not using that word lightly, with a fantastic Math teacher and a curriculum that has helped my daughter perform better than [...]

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My kids are missing school for a family vacation

I earned a trip to Disney through my business a few years ago. It was scheduled during the school year. We were thrilled. And had a great time. Kids included. I'm currently flying the friendly skies to Dallas for a family wedding. My son is beside me and my daughter is across the aisle. (Hence, a family wedding. It would kind of be weird to leave them home.) My children have most definitely missed school for occasions like these. Like many, I found the recent exchange between school officials and the Boston Marathon running Dad to be very interesting and [...]

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When our kids ask questions

My son is extremely inquisitive. "Mommy, can I ask a question?" He began asking this question when very young, and continues to do so even now, at 10 years old. Several times a day. While his question has been upgraded to the statement, "Mommy, I have a question", the intention is still the same. This kid has an insatiable thirst for information. Early on, my standard response to this question became, "Always." I answer the same every time, regardless of question or statement. However, there are times when I can not answer him immediately, either because I am in the [...]

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When Mom is sick

I didn't get sick all winter. All. Stinkin'. Cold. Winter. I even dodged a stomach virus that attacked the rest of my family. So, leave it to me to get some nasty sinus thingamabob this week, which kept me from enjoying the tiny glimmers of sunlight and warmth we had between the wind and rain. As is the case with most people, I am not a pillar of patience when under the weather. I work from home, so I still managed to clock into the office, but while my job usually leaves me so energized that I can also attend [...]

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