It was that fateful year of 2020 when I first started lending a hand to small businesses that felt completely behind on social media. Suddenly, when faced with a lockdown, they now needed a consistent social media presence and felt lost and overwhelmed. Taxed with simply trying to keep their businesses afloat, the added pressure of brainstorming, writing, and posting social media was daunting, and yet with stores closed to the public, those platforms were undeniably necessary.

Cue a rare bird who actually enjoys social media: Me.

Even though my own personal missteps in the early years on Facebook when learning how to engage in public space that didn’t seem to have a blueprint to follow, caused me many a headache and heartache, I’ve come to both accept and prevail in social media spaces.

I engaged. Failed. Felt stupid. Learned social media etiquette. Built a home business in the space. And voila . . .

I now offer content creation for several small businesses  (that would prefer NOT to take the long journey through the ins and outs of digital content creation that I’ve had. LOL.)

Here’s what I’ve learned along the way. And how I can save you time, plus the aggravation about what to even post on social media, by creating content for your business that targets the FUN  it’s supposed to be, the FREE marketing it can yield, and the FOCUS it can bring to your business.


I guarantee, if you harbor a bad taste in your mouth about social media, you won’t give it the energy or attention it needs to make it worth it or communicate the vibe you want your customers/followers to feel about your business through your posts. A love/hate relationship is one thing. A resentment aimed at social media is another. Thankfully, I find social media FUN and will do the heavy lifting for you.


I’m also a fitness instructor and have often told my clients, “What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” (Shout out to Gretchin Rubin for that one.) That’s not to say I tell them they HAVE to exercise daily, but honestly, even a 10-minute daily walk has value. As for social media, a daily post is the goal, but again, like fitness clients, starting with 3-days a week is a great start. But once a month? Oof. As Mel Robbins puts it, “No one is coming to save you. No one is coming to push you. It’s all up to YOU. You need to parent yourself if you want to make your dreams come true. You CAN do it… you just have to stop waiting to feel like it.” Thankfully, I FEEL like it, and will be consistent for you.


One of the complaints I often hear about social media is the repetitiveness of content. Maybe you see a reel or a Tik Tok become the “trend” and get this nagging feeling you should hop on the said trend, even though it has NOTHING to do with your business or match your personality whatsoever. Remember, you may ultimately be selling a product, but the first thing that captures the attention of a follower is YOU. Yeah, you. So you really do need to be authentic. Connection and relationship will win the long game on social media and you won’t burn out by trying to constantly keep up with everyone else. Thankfully, I FLIP over trends and can adapt them to the personality of your business.

“Well, Joline, that’s a lot of words right there. But WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY OFFER?”

Social Media Packages require a minimum of a quarterly (3-month) commitment and include:

  • 10-12 posts a month (to be cross-posted on FB/IG)
  • Reels/videos included IN the contracted amount of posts
  • Onboarding call
  • Monthly planning call
  • Platform to approve posts (if desired) before they are scheduled and published
  • Google Drive folder for photos or shared iCloud folder (whichever is more convenient)
  • A general discussion of monthly/quarterly analytics and what is working well. (I’m a content creator folks, not a digital analyst. LOL.)
  • Additional “Oh sh*t, Joline, I forgot about . . . ” rush posts available for an a la carte price
  • Pre-scheduling and day-of publishing of posts if needed for additional fee

Need to talk this through? (I thought you might.)

Social Media Drives Me Crazy

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