Are you living in a house that doesn’t have a designated room or space for home exercise equipment?

Do you live in a climate where exercising outside for a good portion of the year just isn’t ideal?

When thinking about moving daily, what is a simple way to be successful?

Have you considered a treadmill?

Here are my answers. I DO have a designated studio for home exercise, BUT there is no window. During those months when the climate is not optimal for walking outside, it’s nice to have a smaller treadmill to use that doesn’t lord over my entire living room/dining room. Walking truly is the simplest form of exercise – whether on a treadmill, outside, or even walking in place.

My solution? The Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill with Incline.

It’s compact. It folds. The interface is simple. And, well, mine is pink. (That’s a bonus. You don’t have to get a pink one.) I’m not a runner and power walk at my highest speed of 4.7 mph, so if you’re expecting to sprint to the finish line, you’ll need to check that this motor can handle your top speeds. The incline has a fabulous 12 levels. It’s everything I personally need in a treadmill. And that’s after meticulously shopping for months. As I use my phone to connect to the Peloton App for treadmill classes, I didn’t need a model with a huge screen. What I wanted was to be able to put it away when necessary.

But, ok, do you want straight-up deets?

About this item

  • SLEEK LCD CONSOLE: The modern console has 6 separate LED screens that display calories burned, duration, heart rate, steps taken distance, speed, and recline—all at the same time. Use the speed quick buttons to adjust the current speed to 3 and 5 mph. (Me? I don’t track calories or heart rate.)
  • LARGE RUNNING DECK: Run on the sizable (49L x 17.5W in) running deck. The treadmill utilizes shock absorption technology to minimize the impact on joints while running. The console also displays data collected by the built-in pedometer. The running deck supports up to 220 lbs. (I can’t vouch for the shock absorption, since I don’t run. But, I don’t feel any shin or joint pain. If that helps.)
  • PERFORMANCE: The 2.5-peak horsepower motor can handle speeds up to 8 mph. Use the automatic recline (12 levels) to increase the intensity of your workout. Customize your workout with 8 pre-designed workouts that predetermine speed and recline. (I don’t use the pre-designed workouts.)
  • EASY STORAGE: The portable treadmill can fold flat when not in use. While folded, the exercise equipment can remain on the floor or can be leaned against a wall. Easily move the treadmill by using the transportation wheels. (THIS! This is the reason I purchased this model. It is so easy to fold, lift and roll out of the way. Note, it doesn’t not fold completely flat to go under a bed.)
  • BUILT FOR PERSONAL DEVICES: Rest your favorite devices on the large device holder. Charge your devices during your workout via the on-console USB port. Connect a device to the AUX port to listen to your favorite tunes through the treadmill speakers. (I charge my phone while on the tread, but I don’t use their built-in speaker – or, simply haven’t. So I can’t vouch for the speakers.)

A year later, I still find the Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill with Incline a great investment.

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