10 common fitness myths you can stop believing

No introduction. Let's get right to busting 10 of the most common fitness myths. 1. Ab crunches will flatten the belly. One can perform crunches daily, but spot reduction is a myth. Without proper attention given to one's overall diet, inches will not magically melt from the belly area. 2. Cardio is the best way to burn fat. Cardio is necessary, but not King. Lifting weights increases the metabolism (research has shown up to 15%) as lean muscle burns more calories than fat.  Resistance training is especially important for women in their late 30's and 40's when the metabolism needs [...]

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Questions to ask before starting a fitness journey after a year from hell

We all experienced 2020. By no means was it the same for everyone. For many, the 1st anniversary of a pandemic sweeping through our world, our states, our towns, and our homes, will come with much to process. We may even be surprised at how difficult March 2021 may feel. Maybe you are feeling a stirring to get moving again after some legitimate time away. Or, maybe you simply want to get started for the first time. Let's address both. Gently. Here are the first thoughts that seem to go through my client’s heads when they decide the game is [...]

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Fitness and nutrition information overload? Follow these experts!

Guess where we tend to get the majority of our information about fitness and nutrition? And, not surprisingly, our confusion? Can you take a guess? The Internet. More specifically, social media and blogs. Yikes. Dream a little dream . . . With a computer and a dream, anyone can be an expert in fitness and nutrition. Heck, even I'm included in that group when years ago, as I started my own fitness journey, I suddenly found myself in the awkward position of being asked advice I had no business offering. Chalk it up to enthusiasm, but I shudder as I'm [...]

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Virtual fitness classes are here to stay

March 20, 2020. My first virtual class. We may be rounding the bend of the yearly anniversary when all the world went virtual, but that doesn't mean our collective online existence will be completely disappearing anytime soon. Take fitness classes, for example. Some people just like the convenience of staying home. As one who never planned to teach group fitness classes online, even though I got my start in fitness via home DVD programs and still use an enormous streaming platform for my personal workouts, teaching live from my basement was never the plan. Sometimes, we don't know [...]

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Talk about what you love, not what you don’t

Remember the game "Telephone"? The game where someone would whisper a phrase in their neighbor's ear which would then be passed quietly around the "neighborhood", hopefully emerging at the end of the circle unscathed? Inevitably, the phrase went awry at some point. Or, a participant who was just trying to be funny altered it for dramatic effect. Either way, the message got screwed, right? This is what happens when we talk about what we dislike, rather than focusing on what we love. I know firsthand. Years ago, not realizing the majority of my professional livelihood would depend on free social [...]

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