Words leave a mark: forgiveness

Have you been keeping up with my Words Leave a Mark series? No? First, catch up. Introduction Part 1: the diva Part 2: the roadblock Part 3: the discovery Part 4: the opportunity Here's what I've learned about words. Words may sting, but sometimes what we consider to be negative, simply turns out to be a tally mark on the road to rediscovering ourselves. Deep, huh? Sometimes you have have to walk through the darkness to get to the light. ~someone said that Even hurtful words can ultimately lead one from dark to light. I left Chicago as a Coach. I arrived in Beaver, [...]

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Words leave a mark: discovery

If you don't believe words leave a mark, more than likely you've never experienced a leech of a word. Thankfully, here in Part 3, the leech begins to loosen it's grip. Where did I put that . . . You know that feeling when you think you’ve forgotten something and you can’t recall what it is? You’ve misplaced something. Or missed an appointment. There's a terrible gnawing feeling in the pit of the stomach. No matter how much you search your memory, the inability to pinpoint the problem hovers. It’s not a doom and gloom or feeling of disaster. It’s [...]

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