Tips from the experts on increasing Instagram reach

I'm an Instagram enthusiast. Encouraged to join the platform almost 3 years ago by a younger gal (STAHP. Not too much younger, but . . . OK, sigh, definitely younger) I will now heartedly admit: I like it there. For two and a half of those years, I wasn't really "good" at Instagram. I didn't know what I was doing, supposed to do, or how to do whatever "it" was. Knowing that I wanted to utilize the platform more effectively to make connections for my business, I decided it was time to pony up and learn from the experts. Ah, [...]

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Don’t be a jerk – a “no, thank you” will suffice

I was the jerk referred to in the title. And when I realized what I had done, I made an intentional decision to make amends. Quickly. Sometimes I forget. I forget that for 10 years (next month, 11) I have used social media to build my personal business. And Since 2018, I've supported small businesses through the adventure over at Underground Events. So, what the heck happened? I got snarky. I have learned a LOT about social media since my earliest days of making black & white statements or passive-aggressive remarks to competitors. In the beginning, I cared a ton [...]

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New site. Who this?

I literally don't know where to begin. But excuse me if I simply start by . . . starting. Instead of trying to figure it all out before beginning. My blog took a major back-seat to everything else in life in 2019 when I abandoned a personal project affectionately known as "50-Before-50". Not only did I NOT finish 50 activities before my 50th birthday on July 23 of that year, but I haven't written a blog post since that time. Social media posts? Oh, heck yeah. I've become quite the content writer. A new follow-up book to "Confessions of a [...]

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What I Learned from Writing 365 Thank You Notes

  I just completed writing my 365th thank you note for 2014. Waaaay back on December 26th, 2013, after a humbling experience,  I had a light bulb moment. Inspired by a friend from High School, I thought, what if, in order to grow in an area where I am admittedly weak, I take the year to write a handwritten thank you note each day? So, I did. The practice of writing a daily thank you note, (and up to three notes on some days - gotta keep things honest, here), changed me in several ways. Here is what I'm taking [...]

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