The Changing Colors of Seasons: An Announcement from Joline

It's Fall. Well, perhaps it still feels hot outside, but in terms of activities and responsibilities, Fall has come. And with it, some huge changes for me. When I first proposed Daily Fast Fuel to my fellow crop of writers, we had no idea we'd still be here two years later - sharing our personal nuggets with you everyday. I had dreamed of a site and a co-op of writers like this for some time. And now, it was really happening. You can read my very first post here. Fast forward to today, and this announcement. Don't worry. Daily Fast [...]

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New School Year, New Major

School is back in session! Off goes my middle school to 7th grade!!!! Off goes my 3rd grade son to . . . my office. This fall, I'm embarking on a journey that I NEVER thought I would take. I have switched majors from SAHM, while the kids are in school all day, to SAHM and teacher. At home. (So, SAHT?) This is new season beyond the typical Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I've experienced THOSE seasons. This one? I have no idea what awaits me. As in . . . no history to recall. No memories for comfort. No past [...]

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God: The Great Guidance Counselor

Think back to school when you would want to change a class or your major. In order to do so you would have to check in with your guidance counselor or the registrar, and then fiddle around with your current schedule to make the changes necessary to add/remove a class from your regularly scheduled programming. It was tedious. And stressful. And, often, a headache. I'm 44. I look back at all the twists and turns of my life and see a gal who God has created and used as a Teacher, Director, and Coach. To use those gifts, however, He [...]

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Teachers Teach. Coaches Coach. Mentors Ment- . . . er, Guide.

Tina. My first acting Coach. Liz. Introduced me to Jesus. Summar. First taught me how to walk with Him. Roger. My favorite college professor, who did nothing but encourage my abilities. Cathy. Nurtured me as an actress. Kristin. Prayed with me weekly. For years. And years. Donna. I'd never directed a show before. She hired me. To direct "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the college level. I slept-walked/choreographed for months. But it got done. Well. Eileen. Knew I could teach. And hired me even though I'd never taught. Marcie. Knew I would be a strong private acting coach, [...]

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Stay True To Your School

Glad to be back in class! It already feels like Fall here in Western, PA, so I DO have school on the brain. Summer didn't really heat up like summer usually does, and thus, the mornings feel like crisp autumn days. It's a tad chilly for the pool, and bike rides include a light jacket. And as my son's home school curriculum showed up on my doorstep yesterday, I'm ready to go. I feel like I'm always in school. I love to learn. I'm extremely self-reflective - to a fault. But, always in "school" - whatever the season. This year, [...]

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